WHOIS Privacy Service Legal Terms

Vianames’ Whois Privacy service is provided without any warranties. We cannot guarantee that email will be successfully forwarded and accepted by your email provider. Any damages are limited to the fees paid for the service.

This is a private email forwarding service. We do not forward postal mail or faxes. The customer remains the legal registrant of record for the domain name. True contact details will be provided upon receipt of a court order or in response to legal dispute.

The service is an annual subscription and may be used only for domains currently in a customer’s Vianames account. It may not be used for domains in another Vianames or existing at another Registrar, even if the domain originated in the account using the service.

The customer is responsible for ensuring their domains are using the whois contacts associated with the service. The customer may cancel the service at any time by simply updating their whois contacts. No refunds are provided for early cancellation.

The email forwarding address provided by the service is subject to change without notice. Do not use this for routine correspondence as email delivery may be disrupted.

Any violation of these terms will result in immediate cancellation of the service without notice or refund.